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Builder in Borehamwood | Know Your House Expansion Options

For the homeowner with a growing family, it can be hard to find the best solution for a lack of space. Large, detached housing may be common in rural areas, but can seem like a luxury in urban environments. It’s important to make the most of the space you own; this can come from refurbishing existing rooms to having the loft converted. At Atlas Construction & Landscaping Ltd, our house builders specialise in providing house extensions and loft conversions to customers in Borehamwood. We also construct new builds and perform a vast range of building services for domestic and commercial clients in the surrounding area.


The Best Alternative to Moving Home


Packing up and moving to a new house may enable more living space in the longer term. It’s also notorious for causing stress and anxiety, as buyers bail out and financial plans collapse. By expanding your home with a professional team, you can acquire the space you need and at a fraction of the cost. Each builder at Atlas Construction & Landscaping Ltd is fully qualified and performs to your specifications, ensuring the project remains as hassle-free as possible.


House Extensions


Customers in Borehamwood frequently contact us to provide attractive house extensions at a competitive rate. Conservatories, sunrooms and orangeries are some of the most popular extensions in the UK, granting homeowners with attractive summer spaces. The house builders at Atlas Construction & Landscaping Ltd can build to the side or rear of your property, managing the project from start to finish at your request. From single-storey kitchen extensions to multi-storey builds, we have the skills and modern equipment to supply house extensions with minimal fuss.


Loft Conversions


For homeowners in need of an additional bedroom, playroom or study, a loft conversion may be the easiest and cost-effective solution around. With professional refurbishments and the installation of rooflight windows, a dark and dusty loft can transform into a bright and airy living space. We provide hip-to-gable loft conversions to customers in Borehamwood, turning troublesome slopes into vertical walls for more headroom. We also deliver mansard and dormer loft conversions, and install plumbing and electricals for the luxuries you deserve.


Atlas Construction & Landscaping Ltd has a reputation in the Borehamwood area for explaining the design and construction process in a relatable way. We accept major project work, such as developing new builds from the ground up, and hand-select each builder for their industry knowledge and skills. Please see our gallery for examples of the great work we do and get in touch to arrange a free consultation.

Contact the reliable house builders on 07495 597 119 or 07400 995 532 to discuss house extensions and loft conversions in Borehamwood.

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