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New Builds in Barnet | The Importance of Customer Service in

Whether you’re a domestic or commercial property owner in the Barnet area, it can be a real challenge to find the right contractor for an upcoming project. The internet is full of house builders claiming that they can offer the best deal, and while they may have the skills to get a project off the ground, they don’t always have the best approach to customer service. At Atlas Construction & Landscaping Ltd, we operate a little differently; our house builders in Barnet take the time to listen to your requirements, taking note of any unique demands to ensure a stress-free experience from beginning to end.


This emphasis on the customer’s needs applies to every project, from refurbishments and loft conversions to new builds and house extensions. Read on to discover why customer service is so important and how we strive for excellence, regardless of the scope of the work involved.


A Better Understanding


A team with the client’s best interests in mind will be keen to explain the design and construction process. Moreover, they have both the ability and the desire to find the most effective solutions when challenges arise. By demanding a building company that provides superior customer service, you gain a better understanding of the work undertaken. At Atlas Construction & Landscaping Ltd, we explain everything in clear terms to our customers, removing any confusion to deliver the ultimate peace of mind.


Quality Assured


A builder with strong communication skills can reduce the stress of a building project at the outset. Discussions are critical to new builds, house extensions and loft conversions, because they ensure all team members are on the same page as the property owner. This enables realistic deadlines to be set, providing an agreeable timeframe for project completion. The house builders at Atlas Construction & Landscaping Ltd in Barnet have a reputation for explaining the work as required, and can explain the benefits of materials to ensure complete satisfaction.


Wise Choices Build Trust


Above all, clear communication builds trust between tradesmen and clients. A trusted tradesman is much more likely to receive further projects such as new builds and house extensions in their local area. With over 17 years of combined experience and a history of success, our house builders frequently gain new building work through recommendation.


By performing everything from loft conversions to entirely new builds, our professionals offer a one-stop service of the highest quality. Please read our testimonials to discover what property owners in Barnet have to say about our workmanship and positive approach.

For house extensions, new builds and more, call 07495 597 119 or 07400 995 532 and discuss your needs with a reliable builder in Barnet.

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